Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Big 2-5 Pizza and Skating style!

So this was the best birthday ever!!! I know everyone says that but this celebration was just perfect! I don't know how it will be topped next year because I had so many special people with me, who made my day, and I got to party into the weekend (more on that next post). Aaron threw me a birthday party at Me-n-Eds in Clovis for the sole reason of being near Cal Skate, because I really wanted to roller-skate. So this isn't the nicest pizza place in town but we had fun spicing up the old place. So of course I had to enlist my friend Nina of Sugarpalooza. All of the candy bar credit goes to her. She told me the candy to buy and then she took it from there. We also ordered a cake from Frosted Cakery. Which was not only the CUTEST cake but delicious too. We just love them! Check them out in Tower District. Lastly all of our paper goods, and balloons are from Bargain Party. Thank you Stephanie Kachadurian for everything! Now you can enjoy the pictures of my amazing family and friends who laughed, ate, drank, showered me with gifts, and skated into the night. It was the most fun I have had in a long time. Thank you each of you for your love!!!

The Candy Bar
Full of sour straws, Laffy Taffy, Gumballs, Air Heads, Pink Popcorn, Fun Dips, and Red Velvet Cake!


A special thanks to Sophie who had a hand in all the decor and organizing of the party as she says, "Where would I be without the 'Dictos' girls?" She's right though : )

My grandparents who I am so thankful to have in my life to teach me what a beautiful marriage looks like after so many years. 

These five who of course steal the show wherever they go! Love them

The Waldrums and Patricios

The "Dictos" girls. Best party planners in town

Another shot of the cake before lighting the candles. Can't get over the cuteness!

Best friends Alese & Lesley

Jon, Leah, Pam, and Benjamin

Tim and Pam Baker. Love being one of their daughters

Loving my serenade

Sweet Leo helping me with the candles

Leo and Gia

My mom and Aunt Theresa. Two very special ladies

Italia Rose

Gia, Italia, Me

Lesley and Alese beautiful smiles!


Me and my sissy

Grandma kisses

My new apron from the Quisenberry girls. I got the best gifts everyone was so thoughtful and generous!

Sophie, Annie, Christina, Me

After we were stuffed with pizza, cake, and candy it was time for skating. We took off for Cal Skate, formally known as Rollertown growing up, and the dancing and skating fun began. I hadn't been there in years and it looks exactly the same. We had a BLAST skating the night away. Thanks to Christina for snapping a few photos of our silliness. I have to say my sister was the life of the party on the rink! Who knew she was such a good skater but most of all DANCER! This girls dance skills came out at Rollertown and it was hilarious. We laughed so much it hurt. I can't wait to go back!

Aaron and I, thank you for my dream night!

Me, Mom, and Mel

The roller-skaters

Laughing at my sister

Me and Lesley

Gentlemen this girl is single and loads of fun!

Party Animals!

Aaron was so sweet and bought me an ipad 2, so now I can read all your blogs on the go, and Glee tickets so the fun continues...

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