Monday, March 21, 2011

Dance Showcase

On Saturday afternoon I went to see the Contino girls perform with their competition dance teams. The show was of all the Dance Studio teams. The girls were amazing! It was so fun to see all the dances. Italia and Gia did awesome. They know how to work it! My pictures are a little blurry because I couldn't use a flash but you'll get the picture.

Giavanna's team


Gia and I after her performance still doing facials : )

Italia (In the middle) working it Jane Fonda style!

Italia (middle)

Italia and I after her show
Love you girls!

Girls Dinner

On Tuesday night I went to dinner with my hilarious friends Sophie and Christina. We had so much fun chatting about babies, vacations, good restaurants, shows, and celebrities. We could chat for days! So fun catching up, and talking about exciting arrivals in the future. Can't wait for our next night out!

Sophie, me, Christina

the hostess suggested a picture in front of the elephant too!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Last Weeks Highlights

Last Sunday this handsome boy turned 5! So crazy! Love him. We celebrated with family dinner at the Continos.

On Thursday night our sweet friends the Gulke's had their second child. It's a boy! On Friday we went to visit them and bring dinner to the hospital.

Aaron holding Kingston

The happy parents Josh and Bri

precious boy

Kingston and I

Ready to go home!

On Saturday night Aaron and I enjoyed a much needed night out. Aaron has been working a ton and it was nice to sit down and chat face to face. We ate dinner at Cheesecake and then went to Starbucks after for a warm drink. Perfect Saturday night!

Loving the new emblem on the cups!

Sunday included lunch at BJ's our dear friends the Bakers, followed by afternoon massages! 

Joys of Coming Home

As you know I had a blast on my New York trip but boy did I miss this guy....

And these guys...missing a couple but how cute are they with their New York gear on, all ready for bed? 

On Sunday night I flew into San Francisco and Aaron picked me up. It was so good to see him! We spent the night there overlooking the bay. We headed into the city for a few hours for some shopping, then hit the road home. We ate lunch in Pleasington and were home by the afternoon. Felt good to be home!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

East Coast Extravaganza Day 6: Farewell NYC

On Sunday morning we hit the ground running to catch a boat tour around Manhattan to see all the sites from the outside looking in, but especially to see the Statue of Liberty. Although I have seen it a million times in photographs or shows, seeing it in person was amazing. We didn't get off the boat but got very close to see how grand it is. We floated down the Hudson River between Manhattan and New Jersey, listening to moving stories about 9/11, the plane that landed on the Hudson, Ellis Island, and fun facts about New York. It was very neat and relaxing. After our tour we did one last run through SoHo for some last minute shopping and lunch. Then we went back to the Waldorf and got ready to leave.  Our departure happened so quickly, and we were off to the airport. It was a trip of a lifetime, and one I will cherish forever. I'm so grateful for these beautiful girls, and special memories we made together.

Last stroll by Rockefeller

Loading our boat

Lelsey and Whitney it was a bit breezy up top

Floating away

the city

getting smaller


Ellis Island

Lady Liberty

Us and Lady Liberty

In Soho our last sorbet

Our lunch at Boom 

Grand Central Station Gorgeous!


Farewell New York...until next time!

Monday, March 7, 2011

East Coast Extravaganza Day 5: Shop till you drop

On Saturday morning we were ready to do some shopping! Lesley wasn't feeling well so she rested a little longer. Kaira, Whitney, and I headed to Times Square to get tickets to a broadway show. We picked Phantom of the Opera! Then we walked to 5th Avenue to shop. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shinning and the shops were gorgeous. We stopped to eat at the Trump Tower Cafe, and then jumped back on the bus for day 2. We hopped off in SoHo to make some purchases! We finally found a more reasonable boutique and got a couple cute summer outfits (possible matching dresses too.) Then Whit and I made our big purchase at Bloomingdales. 

That evening we rushed back to the hotel to get ready for Phantom at The Majestic Theater. It was amazing, so fun to see a real Broadway show. The music was outstanding. After the show is when the fun really started though. Lesley spotted Kiefer Sutherland outside our theater. I ran after him and snapped a quick shot of the side of his face. Then we headed to Abe and Arthur's in the Meatpacking District. This restaurant was fabulous. It was very hip with all young people everywhere. On top of that they all looked like models. We were having so much fun people watching. We were seated right in the middle of the restaurant. We opened our menu's and started discussing our order when Whitney freezes turns to us and whispers, "That is Zac Effron right there!" We all look, and I about die. I think he is just adorable. He is sitting at the table right next to us. Of course we stare at him the whole time pretending not to stare. I went to take a picture and got told not to.  I had to capitalize on this rare opportunity, so I tell the girls when he gets up to leave that I will ask him to take a picture with me. When he did my girlfriends clammed up and we missed our opportunity. Sorry guys I think I was embarrassing you! Next time we are going for it! Needless to say it was an amazing day of best friends, shopping, eating, shows, and celebrities!

Times Square

The biggest Juicy ever

Inside Juicy mirror pic

Another cool chandelier in Juicy

lunch at Trump Tower Cafe

Trump Tower

The Louis Vuitton window display, these are all animals made from Louis leather and metal

An Owl

A rooster, seriously so creative


Bergdorf Goodman

Back on the Bus to SoHO

Our new purses!

Walking to Phanton past Rockefeller Center

Magnolia Bakery as on Sex in the City


After the show

Kiefer Sutherland!

Sorbet love at Abe and Arthur's

After dinner still in awe of Zac being so close to us!

Outside Abe and Arthur's

Amazing Day.....last day of NYC tomorrow