Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Good News and Bad News

So the good news, actually GREAT news, is that the hubs is much better and was able to come home! His lung function has improved and he's back to real life. Hooray! I was really missing him at home. I spent the weekend up in Palo Alto with him and we enjoyed the cool weather. One night we escaped the hospital to indulge in my favorite treat, Sprinkles.More pictures to come...but this leads me to my bad news, my laptop was STOLEN! I know I'm devastated! Mostly because I'm not very good at backing up my pictures. Kicking myself for that one. I'm praying I can some how try and retrieve most of my pictures from different sites. If you have any picture retrieving advice let me know. Thank goodness for this blog, now I must search for the three years before that!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Making the Best Of It

Aaron hadn't been feeling 100% this week and after coughing up some blood and significant weight loss, he knew it was time to head up to Stanford. I wasn't ready (or should I say my heart wasn't, but it never is) to go into the hospital, but we knew it was time on Friday. On our drive up we stopped at Casa de Fruita for lunch and a little time to laugh and enjoy each other's company before checking in. His room was waiting when we arrived, so they did some initial assessments, and did his first set of treatments, then we snuck off to the Stanford Mall for a quick Italian dinner. I spent the night in the room with him for the first time. It was a sleepless night to say the least. My sweet husband endures so much. Hours on IV anti-biotics, nurses poking him, and breathing treatments. But we made the best of it with some quality time together and walks to the mall.

 On Saturday our best friends Dr. Ben Lindquist, and his beautiful wife graced us with their presence for lunch. Ben is starting his residency at Stanford and we couldn't be more excited for our friends and our new second home! Thank you for helping us forget about being sick and making us laugh.

Update: Aaron's hemoptysis (coughing up blood) has subsided and they are slowly adding more intense treatments to get him back on track. Of course we love and appreciate your prayers, and are so thankful he is improving quickly. Until next time....

Monday, June 4, 2012

26th Birthday Weekend: Part 2

The birthday fun continued on Monday with a delicious brunch at Fashion Island. Followed by a full day of enjoying the beach and renting beach cruisers. This was my dream day of no plans just cruising my favorite beach.

Pit stop at Ruby's on the pier for a chocolate milkshake when we spotted...

dolphins! Yes a whole bunch of dolphins. I was prepared to leap off the pier and swim with them. The whole beach was filled with excitement as 10 dolphins popped in and out of the water and flipped their fins.

We hopped on the ferry with our bikes and cruised the quant neighborhoods, stopped at shops, and ate at an Italian cafe for a late lunch.

cruising with his milkshake

Perfect weather and perfect company. We drove into Beverly Hills for dinner at the Grove, and yet some more shopping. Ended the trip with a late night drive home with my love.

I got treated to some delicious birthday meals throughout the week too. First celebration was with my sister and Joe at The Texas Roadhouse. We bobbed our heads to country music and they had me ride a saddle for my birthday. I'm sparing myself the embarrassing pictures.

Friday night before the trip the three little Continos had a slumber party at our house. My mom brought donuts over early in the morning and they all woke me up singing happy birthday it was so sweet! Saturday consisted of feeding ducks and playing at the park.

On Tuesday when we got back my girlfriends took me to lunch at Yard House and spoiled me with a fun gift.

Wednesday night my side of the family went to dinner at Pismo's. It was delicious of course!

Thank you friends and family for all your sweet messages, gifts, and birthday meals. You made my birthday so special!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

26th Birthday Weekend: Part 1

I got spoiled like crazy for my birthday weekend in Southern California. Aaron and I drove down Saturday night and stopped in Santa Monica for dinner. We ate sushi at Ozumo on the Promenade. It was so good, and we ended the meal with fruit and chocolate fondu. So festive!

Sunday morning was my official birthday! In the morning we ate at Ruby's Crystal Cove for the first time it was so good! We attempted to eat at all new places in Newport since we go so frequently we decided we needed to branch out!

The view was amazing from lunch.

We walked down to the beach and enjoyed the sand and breeze.

After our day in the sun we shopped at Fashion Island and went back to the hotel to get ready to see Chicago in Hollywood. I was so excited my best friend was joining us. We were ready for a night on the town.

We drove into Hollywood and grabbed dinner across from the theater. Christy Brinkley starred in the show. It was so entertaining! The songs, acting, and dancing was great. We loved every minute. 
When we got out of the theater Hollywood was hopping! We decided the night was young why not walk the streets a little and check out the stars? We had so much fun walking and looking for our favorite celebrities while enjoying the night life. We walked to the Chinese Theater and embraced all the crazy people dressed up on the streets. It was a night to remember! Here are a few of my favorite stars...