Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pajama Game Night

Last night we had some of our best friends over for a fun-filled game night in our sweats! We played a new game called BezzerWizzer. It was a blast! We split up in two teams and it got pretty competitive. We laughed, shouted, ate some yummy dessert, and the night turned into a slumber party. I love chatting all night with this crew about how sweet life is. Adore this group! Thank you all for coming over.

the best girls




team one

team two (gangster style)

team one girls


ahhh what is the answer....

goof, love her
Love games and giggles!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

10 Months: John's Incredible Pizza

Today Aaron and I have been married for 10 months! They have been amazing. On each month anniversary we usually go out to dinner. We decided tonight to call our friends John and Sarah Richardson to see if they wanted to go out, but they had a church event. John asked if we wanted to join them (we kinda crashed the event, but we do go to that church if that helps). Anyway we really enjoyed ourselves eating pizza, bread sticks, salad, and of course soft serve. Then we hit the games! If you play anything with the Richardson's it has to be a competition. So we played all the games and kept track of points Waldrum's vs. Richardson's. I am proud to announce WE WON! Some physical sports, and some Trivia games. So basically we are smarter and more athletic! Ok maybe we just got lucky : ) We love hanging with the Richardson's, they are always fun and entertaining. Sarah is so sweet and always makes me laugh! Aaron and I serve in John's Youth group at Northside Christian Church. We share the same love for ministry, life, and friendship. We love them to pieces, and are so thankful to have them in our lives!

John, Sarah, Me, Aaron

skee ball action

Sarah and John

Sarah and I showing off our tickets

The boys playing football

jumprope competition

the girls hitting the gators

My love

Hooray for 10 months,
The Waldrums

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happiest Place on Earth

On Sunday morning Aaron and I headed for Disneyland! Yes again, I know we just went recently with my family but who can resist all of that Disney magic?! We are down south a lot for Aaron's doctor's appointments so we splurged on season passes. Yes that does mean you will be seeing numerous Disney adventures of us. We do like to try different restaurants and attractions while we are there, but can't resist the characters and some of our favorite rides. We stopped at the bottom of the grapevine for a quick early lunch because the new Chipotle is open! I know I took a picture because I was so excited. I could eat Chipotle everyday. When we arrived in Los Angeles it was beautiful and sunny. Perfect Disneyland weather and the characters were out in full force. Although some were heading in for a break so I had to catch them on the run. Donald tried to get away, but Aaron got a quick shot of him and I. We then ventured toward Frontier Land and found Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy dressed up country style! There was even a hoe down going on. We rode Matterhorn, and Thunder Mountain then caught a snack at my friend Sophie's favorite spot, The Bengal Barbeque, then headed to California Adventure. I was told by friends that The Aladdin Show was worth seeing, and they were right! It was amazing, extremely entertaining and a great place to rest your feet. We hit up Soarin' Over California after the show then enjoyed a relaxing dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. Shopped a little in downtown Disney, grabbed sweatshirts and went back into the park. We caught the firework show and then the crowds began leave (which were pretty low to begin with) so we were able to hop right on rides with about 5-25 min wait times it was awesome! We rode most of the rides twice! We also were able to meet up with our dear friend Pam Baker and her two girlfriends who kept us laughing all night! we closed down the park with an ice-cream run and then crashed at our hotel and headed home Monday.

The entrance

the new Chipotle!

Donald thought he got rid of me : )

 Me Pluto Aaron


My Mickey Pretzel 

Not the Jasmine and Genie from the show but still exciting

Space Mountain

Pam Baker and I


Aaron and Missy

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Girls Night Out: Wasabi

Tonight I went out to dinner with two of my girlfriends, Lesley and Alese. We ate at Wasabi and it was delicious! Whenever going out with these two girls, one being a vegetarian and the other gluten-free it is always an adventure to pick a restaurant to accommodate us all.  But no matter the restaurant choice we always laugh the night away and have the best conversations. I love both of these girls and am so thankful to have them in my life and enjoy fun nights with them.  After Wasabi we needed to feed our sweet tooth craving so we went to Yo-Diggity. It also did not disappoint. We ended the night catching up on a few U-Tube videos that Alese shared with us that made as laugh until we cried!

Alese, Lesley, me at Wasabi

jumping to the moon!

Lesley, me, Alese

Check out Lesley's brand new do!



Cheers to too much fun,

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Searching for Sunshine!

On Sunday morning Aaron and I loaded up the puppies for a little road trip to the coast in search of warm weather and sunshine! All these gloomy Fresno days were getting to me, so we grabbed a starbucks and said why not? We hit San Luis first just in time for lunch at Firestones. It was delicious. Then of course we had to hit a few boutiques in SLO. I had a few successful purchases all on sale! Aaron was the best he sat outside the stores with Dolce and Louis. We did visit the dog boutique, got Dolce a new collar, and some treats for the dogs. Then some frozen yogurt treats for ourselves. As the afternoon was fading we jumped in the car to enjoy some time on the beach in Pismo. Let me warn you, I did rock a tank top and shorts, it wasn't pretty with winter white skin, but it sure felt good! The sunset, cool sand, and warm 78 degree weather was a amazing. Just what we needed. We walked the dogs a little and then relaxed on a blanket watching all the people go by. When the sun had completely disappeared we loaded up and Aaron and I enjoyed the most amazing seafood dinner at the Cracked Crab. It was scrumptious, I would definitely go back.

The four of us

Aaron and Dolce

Me and Louis

Aaron and I

Sun Setting

Dolce loving the beach

Sun almost gone

L & D

My favorite

Louis and me

and gone

Remembering the day

Amazing dinner

Love Beach days!