Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Alexa's 2nd Birthday!

Last Sunday we got to celebrate Alexa Garcia's 2nd birthday party at our clubhouse!  It was Minnie Mouse themed because the birthday girl LOVES Minnie. She was so adorable, and I even got the pleasure of giving her the outfit she wore on her birthday. We enjoyed pizza, swimming, SugarPalooza's fabulous candy bar, and Frosted Cakery's delicious cake. We loved celebrating with the Garcia's and watching sissy bear live it up at her party. It was a huge success!

Alexa Christina Garcia

The candy bar

Frosted's Minnie Cake

Carlo, Italia, and Gia

Italia, Carlo, Gia, and Alexa

John. Sophie, and Alexa blowing out her candles

Gia and Sarah

 Me, Gia, and Sarah

Melaney, Gia, and Me

The girls Sophie, Sarah, me and Nina

TiTi and Alexa

The birthday girl reflecting on her fabulous party!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Girls are having fun!

On Saturday night, while a bunch of my girlfriends were in town, we went out to dinner at Wasabi.  We ate delicious sushi and laughed the night away. Then we had to have something sweet so we went to Yodigity for some frozen yogurt. We finished the night at Alese's playing a game called Quelf. I suggest everyone buying this game it is hilarious! I guarantee you will not stop laughing. We had such a blast together. Love each of you girls!

Outside Wasabi

 Sarah, Jaimie Rose, Katie

Katie, Lesley, me, Whitney, Gina

Our table

Alese, Sarah, Jaimie Rose, and Katie

silly shot

At Yodigity

The whole crew

At Alese's, some crazy Quelf shots!

the end! So thankful for these fabulous ladies!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Alese's Bridal Shower

On Saturday we (the bridesmaid's & co.) hosted Alese's bridal shower at Slates Restaurant. The theme was beach casual which made for beautiful decorations, and cute attire! Since Gina, one of the bridesmaids', family owns Slates we were lucky enough to have lunch there and be the only ones in the restaurant. It was fabulous. The food was amazing! Not that I expected any less, Slates always deliveres an unforgettable meal! To top it off, all of the food choices were gluten free for the bride-to-be. We chatted a lot, played some fun games, ate, and watched Alese open her beautiful presents. It was perfect! I also won the "who knows Alese best" game, including some answers Ben didn't know! Guess we were made for each other!

 I am so thankful for Alese she is an amazing best friend who is always there for me. She can always bring a smile to my face. We can't help but call each other a million times a day to be updated on our daily activities. Just thinking about her moving down south in a month makes me so sad, but I am so happy for her and Ben! They are perfect for each other! I guess this just means there will be even more trips down south to visit. Ben and Alese get your guest bedroom ready for the Waldrums!

An added bonus to the bridal shower was having all my girlfriends in town! It made for a great girls weekend. We had to practice for all the bachelorette fun that is around the corner.

The beautiful tables

amazing girls, me, Whitney, Jaimie-Rose, and Gina

Me and my mom

Whitney, Jaimie-Rose, me, the bride-to-be Alese, and Lesley

Rony, Gina, Katie, Tara, and Sarah

Alese, Kennady (flower girl), Jenny, Jana, Jenn, and Sarah (the grooms sister) 

 Sisters, Ashley and Alese

Katie, Jaimie-Rose, and Tara

Our lunch : )

After lunch we played a few games one of which was dressing up the guests as brides using toilet paper. Whitney, Marian (Whitney's mom), my mom, Tara, and I dressed Stephanie. She wanted to be a beach bride so we made her a bikini. It was hilarious. We couldn't stop laughing with her!

The other brides getting dolled up!

 Pretty Kennady won!

lovely bride Lesley with her veil

Quisenberry girls with their grandma


me and Alese

Lesley, Whitney, and me

My 3 moms


Monday, June 13, 2011

Celebrating Christina's 30th Birthday

Last Wednesday we celebrated Christina's 30th birthday! I know, she has lots of exciting moments this year! We went out to dinner at Pismo's for her special night and decided to invite the husbands this time. I loved having them there, and it was fun spending quality time with the Patricio's and Sophie (John was out of town).  We enjoyed great company and awesome food! Happy Birthday Christina!

Christina and her husband Blake

The birthday girl

girl picture, me, Christina, and Sophie