Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 14: BE MINE

Aaron and I had so much fun celebrating our first married Valentine Season. On Monday night we went out for Sushi and frozen yogurt. My best friend Alese joined us because her fiance is away at med school. The three of us had a blast celebrating love and friendship. I am so lucky to have them both. To conclude our love season (or should I say sweet gift giving season) because we love each other everyday, we did a fun photoshoot with my new tripod! Here are a few shots....

My Valentine

Last day of love boxes include a new swimsuit and the cute jumper from above... (I'm hoping the suit means a tropical trip in the future, a girl can dream)

Aaron received a new mit, cute lips boxers, 3 Musketeers, and the card I made him.

 Rockin his new gifts! Sorry Babe I had to!


Monday, February 14, 2011

14 Days of Love: Day 13: Bride & Birthday

On Sunday we went to church and lunch, then had the privilege of meeting one of my best friends at a bridal shop! That's right my girlfriend Alese is getting married in July and she picked out her dress yesterday along with bridesmaids dresses. Alese and I love to talk to each other 20 times a day. We always know where the other one is and exactly what they're doing. She is kind, funny, caring, silly, loving, and beautiful. She is an amazing best friend. I was so happy to help her make an executive decision yesterday. Of course she looked amazing in everything she tried on with her cute little figure. She was cracking me up because she was feeling a little overwhelmed, which haven't we all? I took some pretty pictures of her in the dresses but you will have to wait until July to see this beautiful bride!
Love you Alese!

Yay she did it burden lifted!

Alese and her mom

Then that evening we were off to celebrate JJ Garcia's 5th birthday (son of my friend Sophie) at Coney Island!
Gia, me, Italia

The birthday boy blowing out his candles

Sarah and I

The boys Hopper, Pat, Aaron, Ronson, and John

Alexa Garcia, birthday boys' sissy

Sophie me Sarah

Sophie, JJ, Me, Sarah

Love Boxes:

My card to Aaron

For me, a tripod for my camera Yay!

 For Aaron, I know another new shirt, I'm just loving plaid!
Happy Valentine Eve!

14 Days of Love: Day 12: Baseball, Bounce, Bathing Suits, Burgers, and Blue

On Saturday Aaron and I spent the day/evening with the beautiful Contino children. Since it was such a nice day we had a lot of fun ourdoors!

Intently watching Leo's baseball practice

Leo the slugger up to bat

Some trampoline fun! Carlo working it!

Baby Boys


Backyard baseball

Jungle gym fun


The girls went to a ballet, Italia Rose

Ah the sun!

After our afternoon of outdoor activies we did some indoor swimming, Gia


Leo, Italia, Gia

The spectators Carlo and Aaron

Stunna Shades
 After swimming we were off to In-n-Out for dinner, and some ice-cream for dessert. Great saturday night!

Also we had exciting news! I took this picture on Wednesday because Gia had a wiggly front tooth

Here she is on Saturday when it popped out at the pool! She is now missing her two front teeth. Tooth fairy here we come!

Late that night we opened our love Boxes:

For me Mini Shopaholic and a new Blue Ruca shirt for Aaron


14 Days of Love: Day 11 Roger Rocka's & massages

On Friday night Aaron and I celebrated Valentines Day early. I bought Aaron and I one hour massages. It was amazing, and so relaxing. For our evening festivities Aaron got us tickets to Roger Rocka's to see "The Wedding Singer." It was hilarious, and very entertaining!

Us in front of our new wreath

At the theater where we enjoyed bread, pear salad, and filet mignon, while being entertained by the talented dancers and singers!

 The Wedding Singer, an adorable rendition of the movie and a fun flashback to the 80's!