Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Searching for Sunshine!

On Sunday morning Aaron and I loaded up the puppies for a little road trip to the coast in search of warm weather and sunshine! All these gloomy Fresno days were getting to me, so we grabbed a starbucks and said why not? We hit San Luis first just in time for lunch at Firestones. It was delicious. Then of course we had to hit a few boutiques in SLO. I had a few successful purchases all on sale! Aaron was the best he sat outside the stores with Dolce and Louis. We did visit the dog boutique, got Dolce a new collar, and some treats for the dogs. Then some frozen yogurt treats for ourselves. As the afternoon was fading we jumped in the car to enjoy some time on the beach in Pismo. Let me warn you, I did rock a tank top and shorts, it wasn't pretty with winter white skin, but it sure felt good! The sunset, cool sand, and warm 78 degree weather was a amazing. Just what we needed. We walked the dogs a little and then relaxed on a blanket watching all the people go by. When the sun had completely disappeared we loaded up and Aaron and I enjoyed the most amazing seafood dinner at the Cracked Crab. It was scrumptious, I would definitely go back.

The four of us

Aaron and Dolce

Me and Louis

Aaron and I

Sun Setting

Dolce loving the beach

Sun almost gone

L & D

My favorite

Louis and me

and gone

Remembering the day

Amazing dinner

Love Beach days!


  1. I am so glad that you got to enjoy some beach-y weather! I love all the pics, especially the sunset ones... good work!


  2. so cute!!! amazing photography skills!!! :)