Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Eve/Snow Day

On New Years Eve day I got to go to the snow with the Continos and the Duncans. We went up to Shaver and the views were breathtaking. We geared up when we got there and then hit the hills. The girls made snow angles and sledded while the boys couldn't get enough of their snowboard-sled. On the way home we had hot chocolate and warm pizza. It was a perfect snow day. That evening I went to dinner at Campagnia's with the Richardson's, Garcia's, and crew. I am so thankful for these couples who make me feel loved. Aaron was unable to make it to the New Years festivities because he is in the hospital at USC getting a treatment. It is very hard for me to be away from him especially during our first New Years, so I am so appreciative of our dear friends to support us. Aaron is feeling better and should be out soon! 

Gia and Italia

The view

snow angels

Rocco getting ready to sled

Stephanie and Dawson

Leo the bullet

Me and Leo

Rocco snowboarding

Dawson snowboarding

and leo snowboarding

Sarah, Sophie, me at Campagnia's

The crew

Nina and I

Nina, me, Sophie


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