Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weekend Getaway Day 2: Beverly Hills

     On Sunday morning we ate breakfast in the club lounge, said fair-well to the Ritz and then hit Beverly Hills. We started on Rodeo Drive. We enjoyed all the high end stores and then ate lunch at the Panini Cafe. Then of course we had to get Sprinkles for everyone at home and one for ourselves : ).  On our way out of town we went to the Beverly Center, and ate at P.F.Changs, then hit the road back home. We had such a fun weekend away and discovered new favorite travel spots.

 Leaving our hotel

Being silly posing with the Prada manequins

more Prada poses

Our lunch spot

Cupcake souvenirs for family and friends

Rodeo and Wilshire

my fun purchase

Thinking of our girl Dolce

Rodeo and Wilshire

and our boy Louis

peace, love, and fun travels,
The waldrums

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  1. It all looks so fun. I am so glad that Aaron is doing well and you both could take sometime just for you two. Don't you just love being married and being and to do weekend like that? Wonderful! Love all the pics and the hotel sounds like it was so nice! Love you!