Thursday, January 20, 2011

Girls Night Out: Wasabi

Tonight I went out to dinner with two of my girlfriends, Lesley and Alese. We ate at Wasabi and it was delicious! Whenever going out with these two girls, one being a vegetarian and the other gluten-free it is always an adventure to pick a restaurant to accommodate us all.  But no matter the restaurant choice we always laugh the night away and have the best conversations. I love both of these girls and am so thankful to have them in my life and enjoy fun nights with them.  After Wasabi we needed to feed our sweet tooth craving so we went to Yo-Diggity. It also did not disappoint. We ended the night catching up on a few U-Tube videos that Alese shared with us that made as laugh until we cried!

Alese, Lesley, me at Wasabi

jumping to the moon!

Lesley, me, Alese

Check out Lesley's brand new do!



Cheers to too much fun,


  1. Love you all... love the pictures... love Lesley's new hair do. Can you all please come visit me in Greece. FREE housing!

  2. Thanks J-Ro! I will round up the troops for an international visit!