Thursday, April 12, 2012

Second Anniversary Part Two: Newport Beach

Have I mentioned that Newport Beach is my happy place? It really is. I'm sure you're thinking, didn't you guys go there last year for your anniversary? We sure did! See This Post and This post. And we ate at many of the same restaurants. We just couldn't help ourselves. Our trip was amazing. The weather was gorgeous, and it was such a perfect getaway for us. So get ready for a bunch of pictures (I actually didn't take as many as I would have liked) but oh well we were busy!

We drove down Sunday and ate at Panini Cafe for lunch. Then we were quickly off to Fashion Island. We met up with my best friend Kaira who is living in San Diego and she shopped and went to dinner with us. It was so fun getting to see her. We ate filet mignon and shrimp. It was amazing. We sipped our martinis as the boats went by and chatted into the night.

We pretended we were in London

In the morning we were out of the hotel shortly after 8:00 so we could have a peaceful breakfast at The Beachcomber. We rode the bus over and drank coffee and ate by the beautiful ocean breeze. Then back to Fashion Island ( My hubby is fabulous because we shopped a lot.) 

At the pet store I may have fallen in love with this guy and was close to convincing Aaron to bring him home. He is identical of what Louis looked like as a puppy. He kept saying "We have him at home, I think you're just missing Louis." I guess he was right. Three dogs might make us crazy!
seriously though, that face : )

 After shopping we went back to our hotel to rest a little before we headed over to Balboa Island for riding bikes, and rides. I was so excited!

Gorgeous Balboa pictures to come of riding the ferry, the ferris wheel, bike riding, and dancing on the beach....

For dinner we ate at Javier's. We started with margarita's at the bar and the biggest serving of guacamole. Then moved to our table by the fire. 

In the morning one more trip to Fashion Island for some lunch at this fabulous french cafe.

Then we were off to Beverly Hills to go to the Grove so we could see Rascal Flatts. (Thanks Christina for the tip.) It was a dream come true. We saw Mario Lopez, and then anxiously awaited Rascal Flatts's interview with Renee Bargh (who was gorgeous)

As they came out they were close enough to touch. We listened to the interview and at the end I got to shake their hand and get their new cd. Although they didn't allow pictures, I was happy with my small moment of joy meeting one of my favorite singers.

We grabbed Sprinkles in Beverly Hills.

 Snacked at an Italian Bistro

 And then I got excited when I saw poparazzi talking to Gloria Govan reality TV star and fiancee of Lakers forward Matt Barnes. I haven't seen the show but she was extremely sweet. She even chatted with me for a minute. I just night have to tune in now.

That night we ate at Maggiono's for dinner and then headed for home

I'm so blessed to call Aaron my husband. He is such an amazing man that works hard to make everyday joyful. He always makes me laugh and keeps life exciting. I thank God for guiding our marriage. I'm looking forward to the many years ahead.


  1. Wow it all sounds amazing! Love all your cute clothes too ;) So happy that I found your blog! I think I will be your newest follower!

  2. We've been to Laguna/Newport for our Honeymoon and our first anniversary--i'm currently trying to talk my hubby into a 3rd trip this year for our second anniversary. I don't blame you a bit for going back :)Love your blog!

  3. What a fun trip! Our second anniversary is soon too! :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE your dresses! You guys are so adorable!

  4. looks like such an amazing trip. i love your look that night you went to Javiers! now you need to get your booties down here again to have a weekend together :)