Sunday, March 23, 2014

Our Caribbean Cruise

So this one time we took an amazing 9 day trip to the Eastern Caribbean and I haven't shared it yet so here we go! Right after new years we flew to Miami Spent an amazing night there before jumping on a ship to the most beautiful islands. Our first stop was the Bahamas, followed by St. Thomas US Virgin Islands (my fav), Puerto Rico, and Grand Turk. This was the best trip we have gone on yet. The Caribbean was to die for! We swam, shopped, and relaxed at each stop. 

The Bahamas were amazing we laid out at the Atlantis resort and watched the huge waves crash around us. We shopped in the colorful streets. Then we had two fun nights on the ship watching shows and eating delicious meals.

Our second stop was St. Thomas. We swam all day and drank margaritas. This was my favorite stop. It didn't have fancy shops, but it was so beautiful, my pictures don't do it justice. The water was perfect for snorkeling and paddle boarding all day. I can not wait to go back.

This is where we parked it in Puerto Rico all day and napped. It was glorious.

Grand Turk was amazing. We swam, ate at Margaritaville, and laid in the shade because we were bright red by this point!

 I loved every moment with this man. He is so fun and such an amazing travel partner. Thanks babe for taking me!

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