Saturday, February 2, 2013

14 Days of Love: Day Two 2013

My sweet husband picked tonights entailed watching his favorite basketball team play at my favorite mexican restaurant so we both got a little of what we wanted. Sadly the Wolverines lost by a few points (I'm not sure I was onto Pinterest by the end of the game) I mean I watched every minute of it : ) I did support the team by busting out my Michigan shirt, your welcome babe! After eating way to much we walked over to Barnes and Noble where I snagged new children's books (I'm addicted). Then we both did a quiz of 100 questions about how well you know your spouse. It was so fun. I have to say we both were pretty right on. We ended the evening with ice cream again. I hope it doesn't become a habit or I am going to be 50 pounds heavier in two weeks.

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