Monday, June 4, 2012

26th Birthday Weekend: Part 2

The birthday fun continued on Monday with a delicious brunch at Fashion Island. Followed by a full day of enjoying the beach and renting beach cruisers. This was my dream day of no plans just cruising my favorite beach.

Pit stop at Ruby's on the pier for a chocolate milkshake when we spotted...

dolphins! Yes a whole bunch of dolphins. I was prepared to leap off the pier and swim with them. The whole beach was filled with excitement as 10 dolphins popped in and out of the water and flipped their fins.

We hopped on the ferry with our bikes and cruised the quant neighborhoods, stopped at shops, and ate at an Italian cafe for a late lunch.

cruising with his milkshake

Perfect weather and perfect company. We drove into Beverly Hills for dinner at the Grove, and yet some more shopping. Ended the trip with a late night drive home with my love.

I got treated to some delicious birthday meals throughout the week too. First celebration was with my sister and Joe at The Texas Roadhouse. We bobbed our heads to country music and they had me ride a saddle for my birthday. I'm sparing myself the embarrassing pictures.

Friday night before the trip the three little Continos had a slumber party at our house. My mom brought donuts over early in the morning and they all woke me up singing happy birthday it was so sweet! Saturday consisted of feeding ducks and playing at the park.

On Tuesday when we got back my girlfriends took me to lunch at Yard House and spoiled me with a fun gift.

Wednesday night my side of the family went to dinner at Pismo's. It was delicious of course!

Thank you friends and family for all your sweet messages, gifts, and birthday meals. You made my birthday so special!

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