Saturday, March 17, 2012

How do people make it through life without a sister?

Last weekend my sister, Aaron, and I went to the $3 theater to see I Bought a Zoo. It was adorable. I cried through the majority of it. It was so touching. But I was reminded that night how much I like my sister. With her I can act like a fool in the Dollar Store picking out candy before a movie. With her I can trip over a display in a department store and she'll follow along behind me setting it back up meanwhile making fun of me. With her I can eat way too much dessert and not feel so guilty about it. With her I can laugh at our inside jokes until our sides hurt. With her I can trust any secret.  I'm so lucky to have a best friend as my sister. I don't know how others make it through life without a sissy like mine. 

Shout out to you Melaney who claims to "not like blogs" but I know you secretly love reading mine! Here's to wonderful Sister's!


  1. I agree girl! How does on make it through life without a sissy!!!!! Love them!

  2. So true Nina! It's because we have such amazing sissy's!