Friday, January 13, 2012

Entryway Cut Out

Disclaimer: Prepare yourselves for lots of pictures of my husbands behind in this post. He worked hard to build this project for me.

We did this project last summer because our entry way cut-out had been empty for too long.  It is such a large space that we had a hard time trying to figure out what we wanted there. We finally found an adorable huge picture at Pier One, and got home to see that it was still not big enough so this is where the project began.

Before: The blank cut out (with a few of Aaron's tools)

We started by going to the hardware store to get two pieces of crown molding to begin our frame. 

In the garage Aaron cut the edges at an angle with a miter box

Then we used wood glue and brackets to keep the four corners together (this required team work)

Preview to see if it fits right before painting it black

Let it dry for the night

Prepping the risky climb to the top. To make sure the frame would be set so Aaron could nail it in quickly once up in the cut-out, we used industrial velcro on the back of the frame to hold it in place temporarily.

I braced the bottom of the ladder and up he went. * A little to the left, and little to the right! Ok stick it on!

Then he drilled it in so we knew it wasn't going anywhere

Then I passed up the picture nailed that on and Ta-Da! A perfect fit that finally fills that gorgeous spot!

View from the bottom

Do you have a spot that needs a grand picture to fill it up? Try building a frame around an existing photo to give it a larger feel!

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  1. I love the print on that canvas! You're gonna see more of me cause I'm a new follower!!!