Thursday, November 17, 2011

Merci New York feature

Yes I know you are thinking, wasn't their first anniversary over 6 months ago? Yes, yes you're right but I guess I was hoarding these pictures (I tend to do that). Anyway we felt so honored to be featured on Merci NewYork an amazing wedding blog, thanks to our extremely talented photographer Kat Harris. So here is a little clip from the post and the link if you'd like to see the whole thing {Merci New York}

I must quote what Kat wrote about us because I think it suits us perfectly,
"Aaron proposed to Melissa in Newport Beach, so for their one year wedding anniversary he took her back to the place where he asked her to be his one-and-only for the rest of their lives.
Spending the afternoon with them in Newport, I got a great peak into their relationship. They genuinely enjoy each other so much. Melissa loves to shop and take lots and lots of pictures, and he loves that about her. And Aaron, well he makes her laugh a lot! There were moments when I would catch Aaron just watching his wife as she was talking animatedly with her hands flying all over the air, and the look in his eyes was precious. He adores her. These two are partners in crime, and that’s just the best way that to describe it."

I will post all the pictures in the next post, promise : )

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