Monday, August 15, 2011

Heading North

On Sunday Aaron and I packed our bags for a trip to northern California. We were heading up to scope out Stanford Hospital's Cystic Fibrosis specialists for future care. We had some fun along the way, stopping to eat, shop, and visit with best friends. It was a fabulous get-a-way for us!

On our way we made a pit stop at Casa de Fruita for lunch (a favorite childhood stop of mine) I hadn't been there in years and it hasn't changed a bit. They have train rides, candy shops, and fruit galore! So fun to reminisce about fun memories spent with my family, and start new ones with Aaron.

Loved this rusty truck

Next stop was in Palo Alto where we visited the hospital, and then walked over to the mall to shop and get Sprinkles cupcakes of course

For dinner we headed into the city for a night out with three of our best friends!
The girls

The boys

Lesley & Whitney

Dinner at the 21st Amendment (it was winter in San Francisco) I was not prepared coming from the 100 degree weather in Fresno

Loving on my guy

We spent the night in the city and drove to San Jose on Monday morning to shop at Santana Row

We ate brunch at an adorable cafe. The weather was fabulous there.

Outside Hotel Valencia

We shopped and strolled around before eating dinner at El Jardin, a delicious mexican restaurant that was very festive.

Had to include some pictures I snapped of Aaron. While I shopped he did a lot of this...

and this.... thank goodness he can entertain himself

We finished the evening with a favorite of mine, Pinkberry. Then headed home. 
Loved our quick vacation, and visiting Stanford Hospital. Looks like we'll be saying good bye to USC, but we are excited for the new opportunities ahead.

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  1. haha... i love the pictures of Aaron "keeping himself occupied" while you shop. what a great man :)