Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Lindquist

On Saturday night my best friend married her handsome fiance at Fig Garden Swim and Racquet Club. It was a beautiful day to start a wonderful marriage. I couldn't be more happy for these two! It was very toasty outside so we just embraced the shine and danced the night away. Alese was stunning and Ben didn't look too bad himself. Aaron and I loved every minute with our friends. So blessed to have such fun people in our lives. I'll keep it simple because I have a MILLION pictures. My camera was passed around all night so thank you friends for snapping these shots! Definitely a night to remember!

The bride

Getting ready

Peeping at her groom


 Strike a pose!



Big happy family

Before the ceremony

Bridesmaids and guestbook girls

Appetizers, my sister, me, Aaron, my mom

Matz girls

Lesley, Me, Tara, Whitney, and Kaira

Lesley and Aaron

Whitney and Nate (next? I think so!)

My handsome husband
 Whitney, Jaimie-Rose, Kaira, Mel, Me, Hayley, and Lelsey

Our flash mob-style introduction to the reception to Pink's "Raise your Glass." I will have to load the video. It was very fun but the bride (who was a Nazi cheer coach) messed up in our big debut. Too funny!

Head table Me, Sarah, Jaimie-Rose


 Bride and Groom

 Ryan and Tara

Hayley and Mike

Fearsome Foursome! Best friends a girl could have!



Bridesmaid loves

Bouquet toss

Garder toss...the boys are ready...

 ...then they scatter

Lets get the dancing started!

 Matz girl sandwich

 Can't get enough!

 Best group shot! Non-stop dancing with this crew!

 Love you Alese!



Off to the after party!

my phone pics from the night...


  1. Lovely pics and so fun to see all the people over the years growing up together for their special day. Congrats Ben and Alese Lindquist :)

  2. LOVE this post... LOVE these pictures... AND I LOVE the fact that you posted just as many pictures as i did. I love you my fellow photographer :)