Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Week festivities!

This last week I had the privilege of staying with the Contino children while their parents went on vacation to celebrate their 10th anniversary in Hawaii. We had so much fun keeping them busy! I am also puppy sitting for my Aunt while she is out of town. So there was lots of fun chaos! On friday after school we had some fun in the front yard just being kids.

The Big 3...Gia, Rocco, and Italia (puppy Teddy)

 Handsome Leo

Leo Italia and Teddy 

The two little boys Carlo and Leo

Posers Leo, Italia, Gia, Rocco, and Teddy

Leo and Teddy

Leo roller-skating and Gia playing basketball

Then it was time to shower and head to Me-n-Eds for a night of games and pizza!


Aaron won lots of prizes in the claw machine for them!

Saturday was spent at soccer games. Saturday night we ate dinner go bundled up and headed for the "Clovis Christmas tree lane." They were so excited because we drove it the night before and the whole time they wanted to get out but it was getting late. We bought some hot chocolate and began our adventure.

Writing to Santa what they want for Christmas

Posing with the Snowmen (we got caught) luckily he was a nice guy!

Group hug!

All five!

Dancing with Santa

In the morning we got dirty playing in the sand and going on the swings.

The evening consisted of cookie making and watching the Grinch!

The cutest bakers

taste testers

One of the results

Thank you to my mother-in-law for organizing the cookie madness!


The weekend fun had to end it was back to the school grind, but we did brighten up the week with some Christmas spirit. Check out these reindeer!





Carlo (are these head phones? I don't get it?)

Six days of fun, laughter, Christmas chaos, and lots of great memories. Love them all!



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  1. I love all the pictures... the Continos are so lucky that they have such a fun babysitter :) One week is quite a bit of time... was it good practice for you and Aaron? Were you dead tired? I loved how you guys made cookies... it makes me want to be back home. I miss you! I love reading all your stuff.

    PS Does it take a little while for you to upload your pics? It does for me... if so, I tip my hat to you because you many many photos on this post :)