Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pismo's Double Date

On Friday night we went to dinner with our dear friends Annie and Jason Papi. It was so fun to catch up with them because we got so busy during the holidays and didn't get go out and celebrate Annie's Birthday. Annie wrote some beautiful words about us on her blog about our evening last night that made me tear up.....  We think just as highly of them! I have known Annie for many years and was so happy when I found out that Jason was the one for her. They compliment each other perfectly! And our husbands hit it off immediately. Aaron and Jason are men's-men that can chat about sports, family, and life for hours. Jason is caring, funny and sincere. Annie was right, the boys get into a zone when they are together and can talk all night. Annie and I are the same way but all about girl stuff of course. Shopping, friends, family, trips, puppies, and teaching. I love all of her insight on life. We are both newly wed and were in each others weddings, and am so happy to be sharing all of life's joys with them. We closed down Pismo's and then Starbucks last night and still weren't done chatting. Until next time Papi's! We are free for Disneyland anytime!

Jason, Annie, me, Aaron

 the girls

the boys (check out J standing on the step to be as tall as Aaron)

Thanks for a great night,
Aaron and Melissa

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