Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Little Family

I wanted to share some of the beautiful pictures that Chance James took of my husband and I and our two "babies." So here are some shots of us back in October at Woodward Park. Introducing... the little dog is a yorkie/shitzu, named Louis Vuitton. He is my little guy. We got him five and a half years ago when Aaron and I first started dating. He lived with me and my family until we got married. He is a little ball of energy and has the funniest personality. Then there is the bigger shepherd/chow mix that we rescued a year and a half ago as a puppy from the SPCA. Her name is Dolce Gabbana. We thought we were getting a nice guard dog for when Aaron has to be out of town, but we were surprised to find out we adopted the sweetest, most gentle, fraidy-cat! But we love her anyway! What I learned that day was, getting dogs to look at a camera is as hard if not harder than getting children to look! Oh well we had a blast!

Thanks to Chance for a fun morning at the park. We loved working with him. He is so easy going and works his magic without too much effort! Thanks again Chance!

sweet Dolce

Love Him

Are you ready?


Silly Louis 

Dolce isn't sure about the camera in her face (freidy-cat)

The final product I put together on Tiny Prints

Summer of 2009 Louis in his Fresno State jersey, Dolce in her tu-tu

Love my SWEET little family

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  1. Love the pics... can't wait to see the card in person! Good work Miss!! Also, I love the black/white pic of the 'whole fam' and of the one of Aaron dipping you... those are 'must be framed' pics :)

    And of course I love all of the other ones... Miss you both!