Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Girl Christmas Party

My high school girlfriends have always gotten together for a Christmas party since freshman year. This is our 10th annual! I had the privilege of hosting it in our new home. Years past we have done it at our parents houses or restaurants, so I was so excited to have everyone over. These girls all bring so much joy to my life. Three of us have been best friends since kindergarten and the others we have gotten close through junior high and high school. Let me tell you this group knows how to have a good time! Maybe even a little too much! In years past we were known as the "reindeer mounting crew." We have matured a little over the years and resisted our temptation to galavant around town looking for innocent holiday decor. Instead we enjoyed appetizers and drinks at my house, followed by dinner at Max's and back over for the delicious candy bar, gift exchange, and games. I love each one of these girls and feel so overjoyed to get to share all of life's exciting and difficult moments with them. This year held some of the happiest moments in my life thus far, getting married and buying a home, but also some great loss. Without them loving me, supporting us, and making me laugh I would have been nothing. I love each of you and missed the ones who couldn't make it!

A special thank you to Miss Nina Jones, and Miss Sophie Garcia who helped me with all the planning, ideas, shopping, decorating, and set up. They are so fun and love me tagging along (I think). Nina is so creative and went to town on my island with all of her beautiful stuff, while Sophie couldn't sit still she had to rearrange my presents and fluff the tree. Thank you both so much! Love you

The candy bar

some appetizers
the cupcakes                                                 

Thanks Michelle for your tasty Sangria!

My tree

The table

My hutch

Kaira and Teddy

Kaira and Me BFF's since kindergarten

Crazy Katie

Kaira and Gina Armenian sisters

Katie, Kaira, Lesley, Me, Gina, Whitney, Alese


Delicious dinner at Max's

Lesley and me


Miss Whitney BFF's since kindergarten

Me and Gina

Alese my day isn't complete without 20 phone calls with her 

Hayley and me

Family portrait

No one stole Kaira's cute headband

Teddy playing with the bows


Catch Phrase time Rockin Prissy Petals

Too much fun!



  1. Mis...

    You did an amazing job with the decorations at the party... I wish I could have been there to enjoy them in person. I am so sad I missed it but it looks like you girls had a lot of fun. Thanks for posting about the party with fun detailed pics, so I felt like I was there :)

    Love you so much!

  2. Cute party Miss! Waiting for our invitation to your place All my girl cousins and Katie loved their Prissy Petal Bands :)

    Love ya,

  3. Jaimie-Rose missed you! So glad you liked all the pictures! Happy New Years to you and Jonathan!

    Whit we need to have you guys over! So glad they loved their headbands ( : Happy New Years to the Bunkers!

  4. Love the glad everyone enjoyed it! You were fabulous to have as a client:) LOL