Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christina's Girl Christmas Party

I had the pleasure of being invited to Christina Patricio's house last night for a fabulous Christmas party! We laughed, ate, chatted, played games, and exchanged gifts. It was such a delight to gather with her closest friends. Many I had met before and we got to catch up, and others who I only knew through her blog and was so fun to finally meet in person. She had amazing hors d'oeuvres and adorable drinks (I'm regretting that I didn't get pictures of). Her house was beautifully decorated for Christmas and all the other rooms looked like they were straight out of a magazine! 

The hostest with the mostest
 Christina and I met over a year ago, and she is such a ball of energy, I loved her as soon as we started chatting! We really hit it off when we constantly ran into each other at our favorite places to shop: Home Goods, JoAnns, Target, Peir One. That's when we decided it was meant to be.

Sophie is the best! We can chat for hours about nothing, but she always has great advice and keeps me laughing!

                              Emily, Annie (who introduced me to Christina), Me, and Sophie

                                                                    Christina and I

Rema, Annie, Christina, Stephanie, Me, Stacy, and Heather. All beautiful and so sweet!

                                   The recipient of my gift! So cute in her Prissy Petal headband!

Thank you Christina for such a fabulous party and introducing me to all of your wonderful friends!


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  1. This blog entry brought tears to my eyes! You are sooooo very sweet. I am so thankful I have you as a friend and that I met you through Annie! You are the best girl and so very talented! We need to get together again very soon. I am so happy you came last night!