Sunday, July 1, 2012

Home At Last

I'm still in mourning over my stolen laptop. It looks like there is no hope of finding it. So I bit the bullet and bought a new MacBook Air. It is cute and light. I'm loving it so far but I'm desperately missing my old images on my previous Mac. It seems like such a daunting task trying to upload everything again so for now I'm just moving on.

Onto the good stuff...
Aaron is home!
He was up at Stanford Hospital for 10 days.
Definitely one of his shorter stays which was such a blessing.
He's feeling great!
Back to his upbeat, humorous self.
I went up on Friday night when we were told he could get out on Sunday and stayed the weekend with him.
We did our usual escape between meds and treatments for some dinner dates, shopping, and dessert runs.
The Lindquist's met us on Sunday again for lunch and shopping in between settling in their new home.
It of course was nothing short of fun when the four of us were together.
We managed to get samples everywhere we went.
Teavanna, See's Candy, cup of espresso at Williams Sonoma.
It was wonderful!
On Sunday evening Aaron and I wanted to linger in the cool weather a little longer as it was 108 in Fresno, yikes!
So we stopped and had dinner in Santa Cruz. 
It was a fun little weekend away even though we were stuck in the hospital, having my husband back and healthy makes it all worth it!

{check out the sun spot on Aaron's head. Looks like a bald spot! We got a good kick out of it.}


A sincere thank you for all the texts, calls, and especially prayers. We love and appreciate your concern. Thank God for his faithfulness to pull us through in these seasons. xoxo
Aaron & Melissa 

Let the summer fun begin!


  1. I'm so happy you got to get your man back home with you! Yay!!!

    p.s. suuuuuch a bummer about the laptop! I would have seriously cried my eyes out. did it get taken from the hospital room?? if so I'm ALWAYS going to be packin if we ever leave the room!

    1. Hi! How is packing up going? I've been thinking about you guys constantly and following your Team Jason page. I love to see the updates. It takes such strength to move across the country. I admire you guys so much!

      I actually got my laptop stolen on the Monday we got back from Palo Alto, in Fresno. We were in a great part of town taking the kids I babysit to dance class. Such a bummer! But I guess that's life sometimes. I'm working on getting all situated on my new computer. I do worry about things getting stolen in the hospital, but so far we have been really lucky. I hope all your travels go smoothly! xoxo