Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Good News and Bad News

So the good news, actually GREAT news, is that the hubs is much better and was able to come home! His lung function has improved and he's back to real life. Hooray! I was really missing him at home. I spent the weekend up in Palo Alto with him and we enjoyed the cool weather. One night we escaped the hospital to indulge in my favorite treat, Sprinkles.More pictures to come...but this leads me to my bad news, my laptop was STOLEN! I know I'm devastated! Mostly because I'm not very good at backing up my pictures. Kicking myself for that one. I'm praying I can some how try and retrieve most of my pictures from different sites. If you have any picture retrieving advice let me know. Thank goodness for this blog, now I must search for the three years before that!


  1. Glad to hear he's doing better and you were able to make the most out of the situation!

  2. beautiful blog darling!:X You are so cute 1