Friday, December 2, 2011

Fun Christmas pillows

This week I have been doing a little crafting for some fun Christmas gifts so here is a simple tutorial for a no sew Christmas pillow. They turned out adorable and are a fun topper for your wrapped Christmas presents.

First cut two pieces of burlap the same size.

Take one piece of burlap and lay out your stencils to form your holiday word

Paint in your stencils

Let it dry and then get your second piece of burlap and lay them on top of each other the paint side down.

Then hot glue all the edges except one side

Then flip it back right side out so your word is on the outside

Next stuff your pillow with some stuffing and glue the last side together and you're all done!

A cute Noel pillow that anyone would love on your Christmas list!

Make it personal and paint an initial for all your loved ones. 

Get your Merry Christmas on!

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  1. Love this tutorial! Found you through a link party and am now a follower :)

    I also made some no-sew pillows recently...

    Now you made me want to make some with stencils!