Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Cheer...

Christmas Eve was spent running around visiting all of our family and friends. It isn't a holiday without seeing all of our favorite faces. First stop, delivering presents to the Continos. The kids were adorable in their new gear and playing with their new toys. Love them to death. Next stop was celebrating Christmas at The Waldrums. (Right after a pit stop at the Garcia's to see Sophie & Nina). We ate a beautiful meal and spent quality time chatting and exchanging gifts. Last stop with my side at my grandparents house, enjoying yet another meal and driving the neighborhood to look at lights and luminaries. Christmas morning was at our house with the whole family. It was a so fun enjoying breakfast and spending the day together. That afternoon Aaron and I were off to Disneyland, on Christmas it was something we have never done, but loved every minute...more on that next post!

The Contino's rockin' their new hats

Pit stop!

My love

Cousins being silly

The most wonderful grandparents in the world

Sissy's forever

My mom spoiled us. She is amazing

Merry Christmas!

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