Monday, September 12, 2011

Yellow Chevron picture-board tutorial

I've been asked a couple times how I made my chevron picture-board in my guest room so here is a quick tutorial on how I (and my husband) made this fun piece.

Start with a white canvas from the craft store.

Tape it off with painters tape. Or use a stencil

Aaron measured out the lines to try and get them perfect.

Keep taping

Then take it outside and spray away!

Completely cover it

Let it dry, then peel off the tape (this was the fun part)

Next we just popped the canvas into a frame from Hobby Lobby

Then the hubby nailed my accent frames, that we also spray painted, to the chevron board.

He nailed three nails, spaced out down the sides of my frames too so I could add my twine and clip pictures on.

Super cute and easy!

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  1. WAY CUTE. My friend Shea and I were out shopping for frames today and she was telling me about this. I absolutely love the chevron!