Sunday, September 11, 2011

Labor Day Sis Trip

My sister and I both had labor day off work so we decided to take a day trip to Santana Row up north. My sister, Melaney,  recently bought an adorable house so I have been helping her with decorating and all that fun house stuff.  So our trip was mostly for home decorating purposes, and of course just some quality girl time. I seriously have the best big sister. We left early in the morning, I slept through my alarm so my sister went and got us starbucks to give me a few minutes to throw on clothes. We hopped in the car and I immediately spilt coffee on my outfit (Mel calls it a onesie). We just had to laugh. That is so me! As we drove we sang, laughed, and told stories. We got to Santa Clara and hit the ground running. The mall was just opening it's doors. So we popped in Nordstroms first. (Yes I know we were house shopping but everyone needs a few end of the season sale items.) And we got some good ones!

Next stop was Z Gallerie where we got some fabulous finds! (So many that we couldn't carry them all and had to drive our car to the back door to be loaded. This wasn't the only store where this happened)

Then we took a break for lunch at the Tequilla Bar, shared a burrito, chips and guac, and a margarita. It was delicious!

We strolled Santana Row

Found some fun plates and a fabulous rug for Mel's house here

 Can't resist this place

And a little of this....

And we planned on finishing our trip here...My sister's favorite

But we walked in and it was PACKED!

So we settled for my favorite....

We stuffed the car until the trunk could barely close and things were pilled around us. I call that a success!

Such a perfect day away. Thank you sis for driving and entertaining me all day. I loved every moment!

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