Friday, May 27, 2011

Pre-Birthday Party celebrations!

Last week kicked off my birthday fun with some sweet friends and my thoughtful husband! I got to enjoy a Fresno High baseball game with the Papi's. On Sunday we met the Papi's to see the movie Bridesmaids, which was a little raunchy but also laugh out loud funny through the entire movie! We also enjoyed dinner with them at BJ's and of course had a birthday Pazookie. On Thursday night the girls took me out to Five and spoiled me! Thank you Sophie, Christina, and Annie! You girls were so thoughtful and made me feel so special. I am grateful to have each of you in my life to share, laugh, and love with. This week my husband spoiled me with a few treats and lots of shopping and errand running. Thank you Aaron for all your surprises, and sacrificing a lot of time and effort to make my "birthday season" special!
Fresno High Baseball game with Annie

Dinner at BJ's with Annie

 Birthday Pazookie

Waldrums and Papi's

Dinner with my sweet friends Me, Christina, Annie, and Sophie at Five Restaurant

Annie and Sophie

 Me and Christina

My birthday cupcake, and the girls sang, they are so cute!

Sophie is the best, she went and picked up Chiffono's cupcakes for us!

Christina, Annie, Me, and Sophie


Aaron surprised me on Monday by driving me to Visalia to visit this place....followed by Pier One and Home Goods. I was in heaven! Mr. Waldrum you amaze me everyday!

 I enjoyed a Teazers Tea in between errand running for my party

 The night before my birthday my dear friend Lesley took me out to dinner and we enjoyed some birthday margaritas. Thank you Lesley, love our girl talks!

And the fun continues tonight because it's my 25TH BIRTHDAY and we are partying by eating lots of pizza and going ROLLERSKATING! That's right a bunch of adults are hitting the rink. I'm so excited. Off to get ready.....

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