Friday, August 31, 2012

Disneyland with the Continos

I need to do some catching up! Before the end of summer we went on the most fun Disneyland trip we have done yet! Why you ask? Because Disneyland is so much fun with our five favorite kids. They bring so much joy to the happiest place on earth. We did one full day of California Adventure and a full day of Disneyland (with swimming and lots of eating breaks!) Thank you Contino's for inviting us!

Rocco, Italia, and Leo were champs and rode every big kid ride including Tower of Terror and California Screaming. The dare devils had us running from one ride to the other! Carlo and Gia were much happier on the slower rides and taking pictures with all the characters. Such fun memories.

We took much needed pool breaks. Check out these acrobats!

Loved Cars Land

The Contino Clan

My favorite. Day two we rode it all! (How does five look on us?)

Little Minnie's

Yikes a pirate

These two, so cute

Aaron's scared, Leo is driving!

 We ended our four day vacation at The Grove in Beverly Hills for some shopping and dinner

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