Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer fun!

Our summer has been eventful! We have celebrated birthdays, enjoyed pool days, had slumber parties, celebrated weddings, embraced company, gave farewells, visited friends and enjoyed BBQ's. Here are a few snap shots of our fun in the past two weeks...

Enjoyed a lunch date with these beauties

These two got to tag along...good thing they're cute

Then we got pampered with a mani/pedi

stunna shades

Had to capture this chaos at gymnastics Contino/Jones/Garcia crew waiting for their sisters to finish their class

 Off to the park for some snow-cones and splashing

Sunday Brunch with the newlyweds

And farewell to these girls. We had so much fun together.

The Waldrums and Lindquists. LOVE them.

Shopping date with my best friend who is finally returning to California after many years in Rhode Island!

Celebrated Giavanna's 7th Birthday

Gia & Alexa

Bunny ears from the birthday girl!

Her new monkey chair is a hit!

 This one stole Aaron's hat. Can he be any cuter? 

After Gia's party we met up with the Papi's for game night and the boys went for some girly drinks. We had to make fun of them!

The next night the Contino girls came over for a slumber party. We ate at Coney Island, then spent some birthday money at Target. we ended the evening with dessert, a show, and giggles. Can't get enough of them.

That is one FULL basket!

Off to church

On Sunday afternoon we had a BBQ with our life group. We are so blessed to share experiences, prayers, laughs, heart aches, God, and life with these amazing couples. Thank you Cori for opening your home to us.

...And lots of days by the pool

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