Saturday, June 18, 2011

Girls are having fun!

On Saturday night, while a bunch of my girlfriends were in town, we went out to dinner at Wasabi.  We ate delicious sushi and laughed the night away. Then we had to have something sweet so we went to Yodigity for some frozen yogurt. We finished the night at Alese's playing a game called Quelf. I suggest everyone buying this game it is hilarious! I guarantee you will not stop laughing. We had such a blast together. Love each of you girls!

Outside Wasabi

 Sarah, Jaimie Rose, Katie

Katie, Lesley, me, Whitney, Gina

Our table

Alese, Sarah, Jaimie Rose, and Katie

silly shot

At Yodigity

The whole crew

At Alese's, some crazy Quelf shots!

the end! So thankful for these fabulous ladies!

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