Sunday, February 6, 2011

14 Days of Love: Day 5: Boppy, Brownie, Bowling

My Saturday started with a beautiful baby shower for my friend Bri. Her and her husband Josh are having their second child and its a boy. Josh and Aaron are really good friends and work together. We love their sweet family and are excited for them and their new bundle of joy. We enjoyed a delicious lunch and played some funny games. My favorite game was cutting up different pictures of Josh and Bri to form what we thought their son, Kingston, is going to look like. I wish I took a picture of some they were hilarious. A little creepy but funny! The countdown is on for his arrival!

Josh's parents beautiful new home!

Our gift to Kingston, a Boppy and Booties (Boppy cover by Stinkin Cute Designs)

Sarah and I (Auntie to Kingston)

Mommy Bri and I

In the evening we went out with our friends Paul and Calli Erickson. We enjoyed a belated birthday dinner for Paul at The Daily Grill followed by a few games of bowling. We loved our visit with the Ericksons. It was so fun to catch up, and have some great laughs bowling. We enjoy sharing this same season of life with them!

A quick shot of the sunset

Our delicious dessert

Paul and Calli

Aaron and I

The winners shoes

After our fun-filled day we traded gifts. I have to say the gift I received was pretty adorable tonight! But most of all I am enjoying the sweet notes that remind me of all the things we love about each other.

The boxes and notes

 the goodies! A Michael Jackson Memoir (yes Aaron is a big fan) and my cute new shoes!

A closer look

Hot Stuff,


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